As soon as I walked onto Mawgan Porth I could tell it was going to be a pretty easy beach to photograph. When I arrived it was prett close to low tide. The sands uncovered all the way to the water had a wavy ripple effect. All day before I’d driven to the beach, the weather had been pretty grey and miserable so when the clouds started to break a few hours before sunset, I was pretty surprised and happy because that sort of scenario is the sort that always ends up with the best pictures.

I walked the beach taking photo after photo. It was really easy to get good shots. I got a lot of good pictures of the ripple effect. As I got down to the water’s edge I started taking reflection shots of the sky. It was copying itself onto the glassy sands. I took full advantage and ended up with some really awesome shots!

Sands mirror the sky with gorgeous tones at Mawgan Porth


I really loved this beach. To top it all off there’s a lush pub where you can have a cold one after all that strenuous work clicking that shutter ;)

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