Jamie Philp


Born in Cornwall, Jamie was raised like most Cornish children, with a vast amount of time spent at the beach and walking its amazing coastline. With a keen sense of adventure, his Father built himself and the family a bespoke campervan, and used to whisk the family away around Cornwall and sometimes beyond for weeks at a time.

His connection with nature started at a young age and never stopped developing further. Once a teenager, the campervan was gone, but every weekend his Father would take him away on walks around the Cornish coast. More often in autumn and winter, when the seas were big and the walks a little more treacherous than in the summertime.

At the start of adulthood, Jamie enrolled as his Father’s apprentice, taking on carpentry like the generations before him. Although an amazing job to do, and blessed to have the opportunity to do it, he always felt as if there was something missing whilst at work. There was a constant burning desire that he couldn’t put his finger on, but knew something wasn’t fulfilling him.

In his spare time, his activities were getting more and more adventurous. From cliff diving in his teenage years and early twenties, to surfing in his early twenties and to the present. At 24, he got his first taste of snowboarding and then spent at least some part of each winter ever since carving the white waves of the alps. Always looking for a “calling” of some sort, he’d say snowboarding was his calling but in the real world, after just a few years, snowboarding isn’t going to be putting food on the table!

Back at home in Cornwall, in his mid twenties, Jamie bought his first DSLR. He’d dabbled in photography with smart phones and point and shoots, but never really taken it all too seriously. He’d gone around a fair part of Cornwall taking pictures of sunsets and sunrises, but only with a smart phone, mainly because the expendable money was never really there to buy a DSLR.

After taking the plunge to buy a DSLR, the hobby just took off for him. It became an obsession, more than a hobby. After spending a lot of his twenties seemingly unable to explore the Cornish coast, either through others not wanting to, or not having enough time himself through work, owning the DSLR gave him the excuse he needed to get out by himself and explore what this amazing county has to offer.

All made easier by the 1991 Talbot Express that he’d bought and taken away to the Alps in temperatures of as low as -17 with a friend. The Talbot had conked out on the trip back home, but she was too good to not fix back up and get back to Cornwall. Jamie now does his best to travel the Cornish coast as much as possible, with the aim of photographing as much of this beautiful corner of the world as he can. You’ll see sunsets through the summer, to sunrises in the autumn, crashing waves through the winter, to the blooms of bluebells in spring.

Jamie invites you to enjoy his journey with him, as he does his best to show Cornwall in all its glory.